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Property mentors

Started by Luke Harris in 2014, The Property Mentors are a team of active professional property investors and mentors, who know first hand the difference the right planning and strategy can make to any investor’s long term success.

The average property investor simply buys a property in an area that they happen to be familiar with, without any real strategic plan. They have the desire to become wealthy, but they don’t have a long term strategic roadmap to help them build a successful property portfolio.

This poor planning and lack of research can leave people saddled with underperforming properties that actually stifle their chances of ever growing their portfolio. Successful investors plan and research carefully before purchasing and have plans in place for acquiring their next property, and beyond.

The Property Mentors, assist their members to develop their own unique, clear and actionable plan. They then help them to find properties in areas that are in the right phase of the price cycle, considering how each purchase will affect their capacity to acquire the next, and so on. In addition, their proprietary opportunities for improving your financial position through proven property and investment strategies, will help you to reach your goals sooner, without making costly investment mistakes.