FAQ Series

Have a question about investing? Ask Luke Harris.

Each month we like to present a dedicated FAQ episode where we take questions from our listeners and put them to our resident expert, Luke Harris. With more than two decades of residential and commercial investment experience under his belt, Luke has seen the best and worst of the property market.

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How an Owners Corporation can affect your investment

  • podcast
  • 23rd May
  • 38 mins

What is an Owners Corporation? How can they make or break an investment, and what are the things you should be aware of if you own property with a shared common area?

This week, I'm joined by Melissa Harvey, the Director of The OC Guide, to dive into the problems that can arise when dealing with Owners Corporations. This is a must-listen episode if you own a property such as a townhouse or apartment, or are looking at investing in one in the future.

Enquire with The OC Guide here.

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Interest Rates and The Future of Lending in Australia with Chelsea Burton

  • podcast
  • 1st May
  • 25 mins

This week, mortgage expert Chelsea Burton joins us to discuss the current and future state of property lending in Australia. We'll discuss what to consider when borrowing at different stages of life and how the changing economic landscape with impact your borrowing capacity into the near future.

With possible interest rate drops on the horizon, many investors are wondering what this means for the their lending. This episode provides an invaluable overview to what you should be considering when looking to buy your next home or investment property.

If you'd like to see how Chelsea and the team at Crown Money could help you grow your portfolio visit: https://www.investorintelligence.com.au/mortgages

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Decades In Review: What's Next For Australian Property?

  • podcast
  • 17th Apr
  • 43 mins

Author and property expert Luke Harris discusses his experience investing in the Australian property market over the last 23 years. He covers how the market has changed and what he foresees for the future as well as the many investment strategies he's used to grow his wealth.

With possible interest rate drops on the horizon, many investors are wondering what this means for the property market moving forward. This episode provides an invaluable overview to what the next decade could look like for Australian home-owners and investors.

If you'd like to see how Luke and the team at The Property Mentors could help you grow your portfolio, request a free discovery call here.

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Property Investors vs Land Tax (Everything You Need To Know)

  • podcast
  • 3rd Apr
  • 26 mins

Land tax is a cost Australian property investors are faced with when growing their portfolios. This episode is a deep dive on what it is, how it's calculated, how investors can manage it effectively and when you should be concerned about it.

Senior Property Mentor at The Property Mentors Pat de Ruiter joins us once again with a value packed episode helping you understand the intricacies of property investing in Australia.

New Background

Do THIS before you buy your next property

  • podcast
  • 13th Mar
  • 32 mins

This episode reveals how to maximise your portfolio profits with an air-tight investment strategy.

Malika Kingwell is the Mentor Team Leader at The Property Mentors and has a wealth of experience helping her clients grow wealth through property.

We discuss the many considerations you need to think about BEFORE you start looking at sourcing property, how to create an investment strategy to help you reach your goals, how to maximise your portfolio profits through finance and tax strategies and much more.

New Background

Decoding the Domain House Price Report with Aaron Best

  • podcast
  • 27th Feb
  • 14 mins

In this episode of the Investor Intelligence podcast Jacob sits down with Aaron Best, Member Experience Director of The Property Mentors.

They deep-dive into the insights and implications of the recently released Domain House Price Report. Jacob and Aaron explore the surprising findings within the report, discussing how current trends may influence investment strategies. They also dissect future predictions, and actionable advice for investors looking to make informed decisions in today's property market.

Tune in to gain expert insights into navigating the complexities of real estate investment and interpreting how such reports can affect your investment portfolio.