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  • Applying to become a The Property Mentors (TPM) Member is not a guarantee of acceptance. We reserve the right to reject applications on such grounds as we see fit including, without limitation to be bound by these Terms and Conditions, the laws and regulations of the jurisdiction in which you live, or of which you are a citizen, or your investment capacity.
  • Once you become a TPM member you will be given information, access to educational events and materials, access to investment opportunities, access and allocation, to a TPM senior mentor for the duration of the term of your membership, plus priority access to TPM preferred property Accountants, Self-Managed-Superfund (SMSF) experts, Insurance Brokers, Quantity Surveyors, Property Managers and/or Solicitors.
  • No Cooling Off period applies and once payment is processed Members agree to be bound by the Terms & Conditions, set out in this document.


  • All Investor Intelligence and The Property Mentors (II/TPM) content is for general information purposes only. No information presented should be deemed as Financial or Investment Advice. All investment involves risk of loss as well as profit and no rate of return is guaranteed or implied. It is recommended that prior to making any investment decision you must consider your individual needs, desires, features, charts and quotes, calculations, formulae, intellectual property, strategies and any other materials, whether written or oral, referred to or provided to the participant by the presenters, has been obtained by each presenter solely from his/her own experiences as an investor and is referred to or provided as general educational information only which: will require further research to identify its application to the specific requirements of the Member; will, dependent on the further research to be undertaken as referred to above require modification to appropriately apply to the specific requirements of the Member, and, is referred to or provided by way of example only and is not intended to be nor is it accepted as a specific investment recommendation or advice for the Member.
  • Laws are constantly changing and that whilst all care is taken in the formulation, presentation and dissemination of any information, II/TPM do not warrant the accuracy, any omission of information or appropriateness of the information for the Member’s specific requirements.
  • Any investment decisions made by the Member, whether as a result of information provided by II/TPM, its presenters, representatives, or otherwise, will be undertaken only after: consideration of all relevant facts or issues ; and, obtaining independent financial, investment and legal advice.
  • All intellectual material is subject to copyright and is proprietary of each respective presenter, II/TPM and its associates.
  • Members are not authorised nor shall he/she photograph and or record any webinar, seminar or educational event in which a Member is participating.
  • Members shall not duplicate by any means whatsoever any of the information.
  • II/TPM and associates may hold shares in the companies presented, may be entitled to commissions on certain products, and/or may pay, or receive, referral fees from other third party businesses.
  • The Property Mentors Australia does not offer financial product advice.
  • The Property Mentors Australia Pty Ltd and associates and presenters expressly disclaim any liability arising from the use of this information. The Property Mentors Australia Pty Ltd and associates and presenters, excluding those legally able to provide such professional advice.
  • Members hereby agree that they may not represent themselves, whether expressly or implied, to be in any way connected with The Property Mentors Australia Pty Ltd and associates, be it representative, agent, employee, partner or in any other way.


Members agree that all materials provided by II/TPM is strictly confidential and remains the copyright and proprietary of The Property Mentors Australia Pty Ltd , its associates and presenters.

  • The Participant agrees to not adopt or use the material for any other purpose, especially not to conduct any other promotional or marketing activity without the prior written consent of The Property Mentors Australia Pty Ltd.
  • Furthermore, Members acknowledges that the material contained within this document is subject to copyright and is proprietary of The Property Mentors Australia Pty Ltd and associates.
  • Members acknowledge that the decision to invest or trade and the method selected is a personal decision and may involve an inherent level of risk. Although II/TPM mentors will make every effort to explain the risks associated with any particular strategy, not all risks can or will be able to be explained
  • Neither II/TPM, nor their directors, members or associates, nor any other person related to the their respective entities guarantees the performance of any project or any particular rate of income or capital appreciation.

Members agree that all information relating to II/TPM or any strategy, property, or arrangements surrounding any investment provided by II/TPM, or any of its advisers, consultants or any party associated with them which is not public knowledge (“information”) is confidential and must not be disclosed by the recipient (‘Recipient’) of the Information to any person except on a need to know basis to: its employees; its consultants; and, persons who have or may have an association with the Recipient in relation to the Property. The Recipient must ensure that the persons referred to above are aware and comply with these confidential requirements. If requested by TPM, the Recipient must return all Information in the possession of the Recipient and the persons referred to above. The Recipient may be required to sign a By agreeing to become a TPM Member the Recipient agrees:

  • No material will be reproduced, either in whole or part or in any part or parts, without the prior written consent of II/TPM.
  • Upon request any II/TPM branded materials will be returned promptly, together with any other material received in connection with II/TPM Membership, to II/TPM without retaining any copies.


II/TPM does not accept any liability for any loss or damage suffered or incurred by any Member, or any other person, or entity, however caused (including negligence) relating in any way to TPM Membership. No representation or warranty is given (express or implied) by II/TPM and its respective directors, employees, agents and consultants as to the accuracy, reliability or completeness of any information provided and they shall have no liability (including liability to any person by reason of negligence or negligent misstatement) for any statements, opinions, information or matters (express or implied) arising out of, or contained in or derived from, or for any omissions from any materials, written, oral or otherwise, except liability under statute that cannot be excluded.


II/TPM may collect personal information in the form of Membership Forms, Financial Fact Finders, or other documents for the purpose of providing services related to II/TPM Membership. The information collected may be used to forward to you periodic information relating to your education, investments, and from time to time provide to you information of a generic or marketing nature relating to the Company. This information will not be made available to any third party, other than as required by law, and to service providers for permitted related purposes (for example, auditors, consultants and advisers) for the purpose of administering your investments or to any third party businesses that may be employed or engaged by you (eg. mortgage brokers, accountants etc.) with your consent. By executing this Membership form, you provide your consent to II/TPM to disclose your information to such service providers and to use your information for the purposes referred to above. If you have any issues about the service provided to you by II/TPM and associates, please provide details for a satisfactory outcome to our Office. We will endeavor to expedite and resolve your complaint to your satisfaction.