13th Apr

What It Means To Go Above And Beyond As A Property Manager

  • podcast
  • 26 mins

Here at The Property Mentors, in addition to guiding our members to invest and build wealth successfully, another major service we offer is top quality Property Management. For this week's episode, I sit down with Rachel Smith who is our incredible Assistant Property Manager. Today we talk about what it means to go above and beyond as a Property Manager, the benefit of working within a boutique agency and what difference it makes having a good quality Property Manager by your side.

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Our Team This week


Rachel Smith

Assistant Property Manager, The Property Mentors

Responsible for overseeing residential properties and tending to the needs of her renters, Rachel’s outgoing and friendly demeanour sees her well equipped to deliver outstanding results to her rental providers.

Phoebe tan

Phoebe Zukowski-Wallace

Producer and Host (Former)

With extensive experience in podcast producing, audio editing, social media and script writing, Phoebe is a creative powerhouse in the Investor Intelligence team. Her innate interest in creating interesting content coupled with her passion and drive for quality production and storytelling brings life and excitement to the material she produces for Investor Intelligence.

FAQ Series

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Each month we like to present a dedicated FAQ episode where we take questions from our listeners and put them to our resident expert, Luke Harris. With more than two decades of residential and commercial investment experience under his belt, Luke has seen the best and worst of the property market.

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