3rd Apr

Property Investors vs Land Tax (Everything You Need To Know)

  • podcast
  • 26 mins

Land tax is a cost Australian property investors are faced with when growing their portfolios. This episode is a deep dive on what it is, how it's calculated, how investors can manage it effectively and when you should be concerned about it.

Senior Property Mentor at The Property Mentors Pat de Ruiter joins us once again with a value packed episode helping you understand the intricacies of property investing in Australia.

Our Team This week


Pat de Ruiter

Property Mentor, The Property Mentors

With a history of customer success in the fitness industry, Pat believes in the importance of coaching when it comes to helping people define and reach their goals (property related or otherwise). He takes pride in building strong relationships so that he can understand individual objectives, providing the opportunity for dreams to become reality and helping every member achieve their own unique vision.


Jacob Kearnes

Producer and Host

Having always had a strong interest in financial markets, Jacob completed a bachelor’s degree in finance and economics. While studying however, Jacob discovered his true passion was marketing psychology and the science behind what makes people buy. During his studies, Jacob went on to start his own e-commerce brand which laid the foundations of his marketing and business knowledge. With a good attitude, willingness to learn and friendly demeanour, Jacob makes an excellent addition to Investor Intelligence team.

FAQ Series

Have a question about investing? Ask Luke Harris.

Each month we like to present a dedicated FAQ episode where we take questions from our listeners and put them to our resident expert, Luke Harris. With more than two decades of residential and commercial investment experience under his belt, Luke has seen the best and worst of the property market.

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