FAQ Series

Have a question about investing? Ask Luke Harris.

Each month we like to present a dedicated FAQ episode where we take questions from our listeners and put them to our resident expert, Luke Harris. With more than two decades of residential and commercial investment experience under his belt, Luke has seen the best and worst of the property market.

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New Background

The Journey From Zero To A Multimillion Dollar Property Portfolio!

  • podcast
  • 20th Dec
  • 48 mins

Property expert Luke Harris reveals his journey to a $25 million property portfolio and the mistakes he made along the way.

Luke started from nothing and has been investing for 23 years. This episode is a deep dive on his story, how he created his wealth and the evolution of his investing career throughout the years.

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Top 5 Tips To Skyrocket Your Mental Clarity

  • podcast
  • 13th Dec
  • 37 mins

Want to get more done in less time while being a happier and healthier version of yourself? Do just that with Taryn Laughlin's top 5 tips to skyrocket your mental and physical wellbeing.

Taryn is the Founder of Hustle Hut Fitness and has spent hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars learning how to look, feel and perform at your best. We discuss everything from diet and exercise to meditation and journalling as well as how to create and stick to healthy habits.

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Sales expert reveals ethical persuasion secrets

  • podcast
  • 6th Dec
  • 44 mins

Earn more money, increase your negotiation skills and persuade people using the same ethical persuasion secrets used by the Founder of the second largest sales company in Australia.

Mark McInnes is a sales expert, author and speaker who's been using the psychology of selling to grow countless small-medium sized businesses. In this episode we discuss what sales really is, how anyone can use this skill to improve their life and career as well as Mark's top tips for those wanting to make more money in 2024.

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The Future of Economics: Dr Reetu Verma on measuring economic growth

  • podcast
  • 29th Nov
  • 30 mins

Economic growth is typically associated with an improved standard of living and a reduction in poverty. But is this always the case?

As income inequality grows and loneliness rises, senior economic lecturer at The University of Wollongong Dr Reetu Verma outlines why solely relying on Gross Domestic Product (GDP) as a measure of economic output can be detrimental to society.

We discuss how the economy is traditionally measured and how this can hinder quality of life aspects such as health, well-being and happiness while Dr Verma puts forward some suggested economic measures to go alongside GDP.

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Should you invest in crypto?

  • podcast
  • 22nd Nov
  • 62 mins

We've all heard of the crypto millionaires who've made generational wealth investing in cryptocurrencies, only to have lost it soon after. But how do these digital assets come to have value in the first place? Is there any substance to this technology?

For this episode I'm joined by the one and only Zeneca - a founder who's built an enormous following discussing these digital assets. We explain what this technology is, how it can be used and whether or not it has a place in your investment portfolio.

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How to increase your borrowing capacity

  • podcast
  • 15th Nov
  • 27 mins

This week I'm joined by the General Manager at Crown Money Management Chelsea Burton to discuss the power of leverage and how we can best use borrowed money to grow our portfolios.

We discuss the difference between good debt and bad debt as well as some crucial tips on how you can make the most of your existing borrowing capacity. If you're thinking about or are in the process of growing your portfolio, optimising your finance strategy is essential in making sure your money is working hard for you.