Founder of ZenAcademy

Zeneca is a writer and speaker who has amassed an enormous following talking about digital assets. He's the founder of ZenAcademy - a web 3 education based business helping its members navigate the exciting yet confusing world of crypto and NFTs.


Summer Series: Top highlights from 2023 you NEED to listen to

We had no shortage of outstanding guests on the podcast last year and to kick off 2024 off with a bang - we've compiled some of our top moments from 2023.

This episode includes highlights from top economists, CEO's and founders from a variety of different industries including property, crypto, health and business.

Thank you to all our fantastic supporters for making this show possible. We can't wait to keep bringing you amazing content in 2024!

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Should you invest in crypto?

We've all heard of the crypto millionaires who've made generational wealth investing in cryptocurrencies, only to have lost it soon after. But how do these digital assets come to have value in the first place? Is there any substance to this technology?

For this episode I'm joined by the one and only Zeneca - a founder who's built an enormous following discussing these digital assets. We explain what this technology is, how it can be used and whether or not it has a place in your investment portfolio.