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Luke Harris

CEO, The Property Mentors

Luke has an extraordinary depth and breadth of experience in business, property and investing. With big dreams, persistence and a can-do attitude, Luke’s ambition is to help the members of The Property Mentors to grow significant wealth through property, so they can go on to successfully fulfil their own dreams and ambitions. Our resident expert, Luke always brings wisdom and intelligence to every Investor Intelligence episode.

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Decades In Review: What's Next For Australian Property?

Author and property expert Luke Harris discusses his experience investing in the Australian property market over the last 23 years. He covers how the market has changed and what he foresees for the future as well as the many investment strategies he's used to grow his wealth.

With possible interest rate drops on the horizon, many investors are wondering what this means for the property market moving forward. This episode provides an invaluable overview to what the next decade could look like for Australian home-owners and investors.

If you'd like to see how Luke and the team at The Property Mentors could help you grow your portfolio, request a free discovery call here.

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Interest Rates, House Prices and Market Outlook for 2024

Interest rate rises and housing shortages were a big topic of conversation in 2023. But what's in store for 2024? Will interest rates finally start to come down? Are changes to lending policies on the horizon? Will housing shortages start to ease up? And of course, what does this all mean for property prices?

Author, CEO and speaker Luke Harris discusses this as well as his top locations to invest in as we go into 2024.

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Summer Series: Top highlights from 2023 you NEED to listen to

We had no shortage of outstanding guests on the podcast last year and to kick off 2024 off with a bang - we've compiled some of our top moments from 2023.

This episode includes highlights from top economists, CEO's and founders from a variety of different industries including property, crypto, health and business.

Thank you to all our fantastic supporters for making this show possible. We can't wait to keep bringing you amazing content in 2024!