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Derek Stewart

Business Development Manager at Flat Planet

Derek is the host of the Future of Australia podcast where he interviews the founders and CEOs of Australia's fastest growing new companies. He is also the Business Development Manager at Flat Planet, an off-shore recruitment agency specialising in sourcing talent from the Philippines.

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Summer Series: Top highlights from 2023 you NEED to listen to

We had no shortage of outstanding guests on the podcast last year and to kick off 2024 off with a bang - we've compiled some of our top moments from 2023.

This episode includes highlights from top economists, CEO's and founders from a variety of different industries including property, crypto, health and business.

Thank you to all our fantastic supporters for making this show possible. We can't wait to keep bringing you amazing content in 2024!

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Achieving Success through Professional Service Outsourcing with Derek Stewart from Flat Planet

In this episode, we speak to Derek Stewart from Flat Planet virtual assistants about the advantages of outsourcing and how it can benefit small business owners. Derek also discusses his own podcast, Future of Australia, which features interviews with entrepreneurs running the fastest growing businesses in Australia. Including some standout concepts and attributes of some of Australia's most successful business owners. We also discuss hiring virtual assistants from the Philippines and how international outsourcing is no longer just about cost cutting but can be a great way to access specialised professional services across an array of industries.