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Aaron Best

Product and Development Lead, Augur Investor

With a passion for everything digital, combined with his understanding of UX and service design, Aaron has been able to develop Augur Investor, our proprietary in-house property analysis tool. Augur helps investors understand the projected financial impact of their investment on their portfolio.

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Decoding the Domain House Price Report with Aaron Best

In this episode of the Investor Intelligence podcast Jacob sits down with Aaron Best, Member Experience Director of The Property Mentors.

They deep-dive into the insights and implications of the recently released Domain House Price Report. Jacob and Aaron explore the surprising findings within the report, discussing how current trends may influence investment strategies. They also dissect future predictions, and actionable advice for investors looking to make informed decisions in today's property market.

Tune in to gain expert insights into navigating the complexities of real estate investment and interpreting how such reports can affect your investment portfolio.

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Data Deception: Finding Truth in The Information Age

Data and statistics are important in making informed decisions, right? While this is certainly true, it's important to peel back the layers and understand where the data is coming from and wether the provider has a vested interest in shaping your beliefs. This week I'm joined by Member Experience Director at The Property Mentors, Aaron Best to discuss how data can be manipulated to serve a particular narrative. As investors, it's important we know where our information is coming from and how we can access unbiased sources of knowledge.

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Smart Investing Strategies - Investment Properties vs The First Home Owner's Grant

When it comes to buying property, the decision to purchase an investment property or a place for you to live can often be confusing. Many people make the mistake of believing that they should always buy a house to live in first, and neglect the potential benefits of investing instead. In this episode, Aaron Best from The Property Mentors will dive into why purchasing an investment property could be a better choice - even if it means foregoing the first home owner's grant.