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It takes a team to be successful

Investor Intelligence welcomes guests from various industries each week to join our host, Phoebe Zukowski-Wallace, discussing investing, the property market, motivation and mindset.

Our guests range from CEOs to everyday investors and everyone in between.

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Phoebe Zukowski-Wallace

Producer and Host

With extensive experience in podcast producing, audio editing, social media and script writing, Phoebe is a creative powerhouse in the Investor Intelligence team. Her innate interest in creating interesting content coupled with her passion and drive for quality production and storytelling brings life and excitement to the material she produces for Investor Intelligence.

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Luke Harris

CEO, The Property Mentors

Luke has an extraordinary depth and breadth of experience in business, property and investing. With big dreams, persistence and a can-do attitude, Luke’s ambition is to help the members of The Property Mentors to grow significant wealth through property, so they can go on to successfully fulfil their own dreams and ambitions. Our resident expert, Luke always brings wisdom and intelligence to every Investor Intelligence episode.

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Simon Kuestenmacher

Co-Founder & Director, The Demographics Group

Simon Kuestenmacher is a rising star in the field of data animation, data packaging and data interpretation. His insights and his engaging and sometimes quirky editorial style has delivered a loyal and growing global following.


Chelsea Burton

General Manager, Crown Money Management

Chelsea is a senior broker at an independent mortgage broking firm used exclusively by The Property Mentors specialising in investment property loans. Her experience and commitment to finding the right loans for the right people makes her an asset to any investor's team.


Malika Kingwell

Senior Property Mentor, The Property Mentors

Having worked in the property industry in the UK and across Australia, within both sales and marketing teams, Malika is a consummate professional, well equipped to assist her investors. Malika's drive and passion for helping people discover and work towards their dreams delivers excellent results for every investor she works with.

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Renee Whitehouse

Director of Property Management, The Property Mentors

Renee is a well-established leader in the property management sector. An expert in managing rental provider and renter relationships, and with a comprehensive understanding of rental legislation, Renee’s friendly approach enables her to generate strong, consistent results for the investors she works with.

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Robert Pasqualini

Senior Property Mentor, The Property Mentors

Thoughtful, diligent and conscientious, Robert is a considered and well-rounded business professional. With a passion for architecture and real estate, he also has an enviable knowledge of the property industry, from developments and subdivisions to off-the-plan and property investing. Robert brings this wealth of experience to The Property Mentors, helping members to work towards their retirement goals and grow wealth through property.

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Mahlia Price

CEO, Life Supports Counselling

Mahlia is the CEO of Life Supports Counselling and has been advocating within the mental health industry since 2013. With a tertiary background in Science, Psychology and the Arts, she is innately curious about human behaviour, neuroscience and psychology and translating the frontiers of scientific research into real-world business/life application. Mahlia has a passion for building socially impactful businesses that help people and their communities thrive.

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Joshua Scott

Member of The Property Mentors

Joshua is a member with The Property Mentors, actively investing in Australian property and building a strong portfolio.


Rachel Smith

Assistant Property Manager, The Property Mentors

Responsible for overseeing residential properties and tending to the needs of her renters, Rachel’s outgoing and friendly demeanour sees her well equipped to deliver outstanding results to her rental providers.

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Liam Carmody

Member of The Property Mentors

Liam is a member with The Property Mentors, actively investing in Australian property and building a strong portfolio.

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Aaron Best

Product and Development Lead, Augur Investor

With a passion for everything digital, combined with his understanding of UX and service design, Aaron has been able to develop Augur Investor, our proprietary in-house property analysis tool. Augur helps investors understand the projected financial impact of their investment on their portfolio.

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Brad Davis

Property Mentor, The Property Mentors

With a history as a personal trainer, Brad is the perfect person to coach investors towards reaching their goals (property related or otherwise)! Brad’s relationship-focused approach is set to maximise results and help investors develop the right skills, mindset and knowledge to grow their property portfolio.

Tuan Duong

Tuan Duong

Founder, Duo Tax Quantity Surveyors

After leaving his civil engineering role, Tuan founded Duo Tax Quantity Surveyors, initially as a one-man show out of the garage of his mum’s home. Now armed with the knowledge that many first-time property investors like himself had no idea about the savings they could make, he sought to combine his expertise in construction and his passion to help others to establish Duo Tax Quantity Surveyors.

Peter Ward

Peter Ward

Member of The Property Mentors

Peter is a member with The Property Mentors, actively investing in Australian property and building a strong portfolio.