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Tackling Inflation in Australia: Why It's Important

  • article
  • 19th Feb
  • 3 mins

Inflation can have a significant negative impact on the Australian economy, but it is essential that measures are taken to ensure inflation remains within a manageable range in order to preserve people's purchasing power and savings.


Unlock the Power of Augur Investor: Take Control of Your Property Investments Today!

  • article
  • 29th Jan
  • 4 mins

Augur Investor is an essential investment analysis tool designed to make it easier than ever to research potential investments, forecast capital growth and rental yields, compare different properties side-by-side, and monitor existing investments in one place. Unlock the power of Augur Investor today and start investing in property the right way for long-term financial success. Try it now!

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Get Smart with Investments: What Kind of Investor are You?

  • article
  • 22nd Jan
  • 4 mins

Are you a ‘I’ll try everything at the buffet’ investor or an armchair investor? Investing success doesn't happen overnight and requires knowledge, experience, strategy and patience. Learn more about the different types of investors and find out which type fits you best with this guide designed to help you become a savvy investor. Pick up Luke Harris' book Let's Get Real and get help from The Property Mentors to reach your goals faster! Take control of your financial future today.