8th Jun

Why A Depreciation Schedule Is Important For Your Investment's Performance with Tuan Duong

  • 35 mins

This week's episode is jam-packed full of super helpful information about a topic that’s been mentioned many times in past episodes. Earlier in the week, I sat down with Tuan Duong who is the founder of Duo Tax Quantity Surveyors, to talk all things depreciation. What is it? How does it work, who is able to make the most of it and what it has to do with property investment? Enjoy!

Our Team This week

Tuan Duong

Tuan Duong

Founder, Duo Tax Quantity Surveyors

After leaving his civil engineering role, Tuan founded Duo Tax Quantity Surveyors, initially as a one-man show out of the garage of his mum’s home. Now armed with the knowledge that many first-time property investors like himself had no idea about the savings they could make, he sought to combine his expertise in construction and his passion to help others to establish Duo Tax Quantity Surveyors.

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