25th May

What Should You Look For In A Loan?

  • 22 mins

Are all loans the same? Does a lower interest rate with a bank mean it's the best option for you? For this weeks episode, I've got our incredible mortgage broker, Chelsea Burton, back again to talk to me about what to look for in a loan. Enjoy.

Our Team This week


Chelsea Burton

General Manager, Crown Money Management

Chelsea is a senior broker at an independent mortgage broking firm used exclusively by The Property Mentors specialising in investment property loans. Her experience and commitment to finding the right loans for the right people makes her an asset to any investor's team.

Phoebe tan

Phoebe Zukowski-Wallace

Producer and Host

With extensive experience in podcast producing, audio editing, social media and script writing, Phoebe is a creative powerhouse in the Investor Intelligence team. Her innate interest in creating interesting content coupled with her passion and drive for quality production and storytelling brings life and excitement to the material she produces for Investor Intelligence.

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