13th Jul

What Is A Conveyancer And Why Do I Need One?

  • 12 mins

A brand new week calls for a brand new guest. For this episode, I sit down with Brandon Owens who is the incredible conveyancer used exclusively by The Property Mentors within Victoria. Today he's talks through what conveyancing is, what a conveyancer does and how they are different to a lawyer. By the end of this episode, you'll know exactly why you need a conveyancer in your team of experts. Enjoy!

Our Team This week


Brandon Owens

Conveyancer, Willis Conveyancing

Service and expertise are second nature to Brandon, who has spent years ensuring his clients receive the best of care. With a background in the luxury goods industry, Brandon brings the same level of professionalism to conveyancing by guiding his clients through the process, ensuring that it remains as stress-free as possible.

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