15th Jun

Online Trends in Property Investment with Aaron Best

  • 10 mins

What are investors currently searching for on services such as Google? Given the time of year tax related topics are popular, but they're also looking for guidance. But what does that mean? For today's bite size episode, I invite back Aaron Best, our Members Experience Director to talk about what online trends he's seeing in the market currently.

Our Team This week

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Aaron Best

Product and Development Lead, Augur Investor

With a passion for everything digital, combined with his understanding of UX and service design, Aaron has been able to develop Augur Investor, our proprietary in-house property analysis tool. Augur helps investors understand the projected financial impact of their investment on their portfolio.

FAQ Series

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Each month we like to present a dedicated FAQ episode where we take questions from our listeners and put them to our resident expert, Luke Harris. With more than two decades of residential and commercial investment experience under his belt, Luke has seen the best and worst of the property market.

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