3rd Aug

Asking For A Pay Rise To Support Your Investment Portfolio.

  • 16 mins

Certain incomes allow for certain borrowing capacities and sometimes the only thing getting in between you and your next investment property is how quickly you can save for that deposit. Following on from last week's episode about career progression and career planning, I am joined once again by Herman Benade, the Mentor Team Director here at TPM to talk all about pay rises. With over 8 years of experience in recruitment, Herman shares the key aspects you should consider before asking for a pay rise, how to do your research and approach one in the right way and why this is important for the overall progress and success of your property portfolio.

Our Team This week

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Herman Benade

Mentor Team Director, The Property Mentors

Originally from South Africa, Herman found himself driven by a fascination of why people do what they do, leading him to study psychology. After making the move to Australia he spent eight years in recruitment, successfully curating a portfolio of the best sales professionals in the market. This background in psychology, sales and recruitment has seen Herman be able to identify and develop transparent, honest and driven teams, who are not only the best in the business but who truly care about getting the best outcomes.

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